Since the beginning of time, there have been many ingenious inventions and discoveries. Of all of these innovations, we would argue that frozen pizza is in the top ten. In fact, we think it is right up there with the automobile and modern medicine. There are a million reasons why frozen pizza is the absolute best, but we will stick to giving you just three reasons why frozen pizza beats delivery every time.

1. Unmatched Convenience

2 a.m. pizza craving? No problem. Need to feed a crowd in a hurry? Frozen pizza has got your back. Just do not want to pick up the phone or open up a pizza delivery app? That pizza in your freezer will fill you up just right. Frozen pizza is there for you whenever the craving or need for pizza presents itself. That is why it is way better than delivery. Frozen pizza has always got your back. No matter the time, place, or number of people you need to feed.

2. Superb Variety

Frozen pizza lines like our Green Mill line have a great variety to choose from. You can choose from two different pizza crust types – hand-tossed crust or thin crust- and a range of toppings when you go with Green Mill Foods pizza in the freezer aisle. From classic pepperoni to sausage and mushroom, the options in the frozen aisle of pizza will not let you down, especially when you select a Green Mill product!

3. Some Like it Hot

Actually, everyone likes it hot when it comes to pizza. When you order delivery, you might end up with a vaguely warm, kind of sweaty pizza. That is not the case when you bake a frozen pizza. You get to choose the crispiness and can eat it straight out of the oven (well almost, give it a minute to cool!)

If after reading this blog, you cannot get your mind off having a straight-from-the-oven, delicious Green Mill pizza, we do not blame you in the least. That is why we have our frozen pizzas stocked at your local grocer. If you want more information on our pizzas, where you can find one of our creations, check out our online pizza locator!